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Post ACL Reconstruction Confidence

There are few injuries that cause more heartbreak for a sportsperson than an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture. Whether it occurs in a professional or recreational setting, the athlete (along with those around them) quickly realises that a serious knee injury has occurred. The familiar mechanism of the injury is recounted whereby a rapid change of direction was followed by a feeling of the knee giving way. Beyond the initial pain and swelling, the reality of an ACL rupture sinks in for the athlete when they realise that the rehab they must face is a long road ahead before they can once again play the sport they love.

Having been privileged enough to be involved with professional sport at the highest level in this country, I have observed that an ACL injury tends to cut down a sportsperson in their prime and cruelly at a time when they seem to be close to achieving their peak. It makes sense that an athlete who is hitting their straps will seem to be able to sidestep faster, get to the ball quicker or avoid the defence more often.

That wonderful feeling of being on top of one's game can be easily forgotten when the athlete is deep in their rehab. Restoring an athlete's confidence in their reconstructed knee must be the sport medicine practitioner's top priority in returning their athlete to their sport. This is where the AlterG can be the perfect conduit for the athlete to transition from gym-based rehab to sport specific running such as on the field or court. The AlterG has the unique ability to precisely unweight the athlete while at the same time allow them to concentrate on their running technique. This can be an incredible confidence booster for an athlete who is striving to return to the top of their game.

A Post-Op ACL Reconstruction AlterG Protocol has been developed at Moon Runners.

In Sydney? Try the anti-gravity technology for yourself on a Moon Runners AlterG treadmill.

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